Film work : My work investigates the idea of creating portraits of places, landscapes and environments and our relationship to them. The films explore the ordinary and mundane, capturing light, shadow and time. The work is about the feeling of the place and it’s relationship to the environment The resulting work finds the ethereal magical beauty of the intimate spaces not immediately apparent and only discoverable over a prolonged period of looking and recording , re examining the temporality of the unseen experience.

The Saltway and ‘Shelly films below  are the result of an ongoing collaboration with David Munns.


portrait of a building -8
portrait of a building -8
saltway2-3(jetty) quicktime mov 2.23 mins
shelly 3 -7
Shelly 3-7 quicktime mov 1.09 mins
Shelly ( satltway) 3_6
Shelly (saltway ) 3_6 quicktime 1.02 min